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Spa Massage

Massage Therapy Packages

Lizmassage offers these popular treatments in High Wycombe and surrounding areas. Book a session with me today.

Femal masseuse giving a back massage

Book Exclusive Massage Therapy Packages

My packages are customised to provide you with treatments leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Choose any of the packages below that suit your specific needs and experience the profound benefits of massage therapy. Have questions or need more information? Feel free to reach out to me

Beautiful Latin Woman Getting Facial Massage At Spa

Massage Parties

This is my most sought-after offering. It’s a delightful and social way to experience the wonders of massage therapy. Host a gathering at your home and invite 2-4 friends to join you for a time of relaxation and rejuvenation, all in the comfort of your own space.
Massage parties are the perfect blend of social interaction and pampering. As the host, you not only get to enjoy the therapeutic benefits but also receive an exclusive 10% discount on your massage session.
You can choose between a full-body massage to melt away muscle tension from head to toe or opt for a blissful half-hour foot and leg massage, ideal for those seeking a quick dose of relaxation.
While I don't provide refreshments, you as the host, are welcome to add to the experience as you see fit.
Some parties have featured elaborate spreads of snacks, meats, and nibbles, while others have kept it simple with juice and biscuits. There are no strict rules or expectations—just a shared, enjoyable time together.
Imagine the joy of spending quality time with friends, all while indulging in the soothing benefits of massage therapy. Book a session today to schedule a memorable gathering with your friends.

Bridal Massage Package

For the bride before the big day!
This exclusive ‘all-in-one’ bridal package is designed to be the ultimate pre-wedding treat for the bride-to-be. In a 3-hour session, the bride is whisked away to a world of relaxation, ensuring she feels her absolute best on her special day.
The comprehensive package includes a soothing full-body massage, a pampering foot treatment, and a rejuvenating facial. These carefully curated treatments are designed to leave the bride feeling utterly refreshed and relaxed, allowing her to focus on the joy of her upcoming wedding.
Lizmassage understands that the bride-to-be may have a lot on her mind, which is why this package is a complete, worry-free treatment. There's no need to do anything – just bring your robe and suitable covering. It's three hours of pure bliss, designed to make the bride's journey to the altar as stress-free and delightful as possible.
The price is £180 and includes:

- Foot pampering
- Full body massage
- Hand masque
- A facial 
- A special gift from me to you

Add-On Package (Bridesmaid) - £35 per person:
Up to 3 Bridesmaids on the same day.
45-minute massage for your back, shoulders, and neck, getting you ready to help the bride on her big day.


Overhead view of woman receiving scalp massage at a luxury resort and spa in Napa Valley
Woman having shoulder massaged

​Corporate Wellness and Team Building

This corporate massage package is tailored to businesses seeking to enhance employee well-being during wellness days or retreats. When you choose this package, you're investing in a rejuvenating experience that can boost team morale and productivity.

For just £120, you can book my massage therapy services for a 3-hour session in the afternoon. During this time, I can provide a maximum of 3 one-hour massages, 6 half-hour massages, or a flexible combination of both. These sessions can be scheduled in advance to suit your team's needs.

To ensure a seamless experience, I will require a separate, lockable space such as an office or seminar room. A 50% deposit is necessary to secure your booking, with the remaining balance due on the day of the sessions.

Create a more relaxed, productive work environment with a special corporate massage therapy package. Book a session today for a rejuvenating experience that your team will truly appreciate.

Special package

Book a session now.

Book one of my special massage therapy packages today. If you seek a dose of relaxation or to boost workplace team building across High Wycombe, book a session now

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