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Woman in a towel recieving a massage

Providing Affordable and Holistic Solutions

Lismassage is a dedicated massage therapist in High Wycombe offering relief from pain and discomfort. Book a session now.


About Me

My name is Liz and I’m a massage therapist. Welcome to my world of therapeutic massage, where I specialise in providing affordable and holistic solutions for pain relief and muscle tension.
As a dedicated massage therapist, my mission is to create a calm and comfortable environment, and I'm known to sprinkle a touch of humour into the sessions to help you relax and unwind.

Lizmassage massaging table

What happens at the sessions?

During your massage session, I'll guide you through the process, taking the time to listen and understand your specific aches and pains. I believe that effective therapy is not just about the physical aspect; it's also about being a compassionate listener. Drawing upon my extensive experience as a wife, mother, caregiver, nurse, and student, I channel my energies into helping those who seek my expertise.
Massage is an intimate and personal experience that, when administered correctly, can bring profound peace and tranquillity. Whether your pain and discomfort stems from muscle fatigue or mental exhaustion, I invite you to experience the serenity and healing power of my massage therapy services.
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Curious to know more about the person behind the massage?

Let me offer you a brief glimpse into my background and what makes me your dedicated massage therapist.
I was born in the beautiful country of Portugal and have always had a passion for both learning and music. I devoted myself to my university studies and graduated as a qualified veterinary nurse.
At a church camp meeting, I met my now-husband when we were 17 and 18 years old. Despite the miles that separated us, we nurtured a long-distance relationship for three years before tying the knot at the age of 21. Our family began to grow when we welcomed our first child at the age of 23.
My husband and I had both worked in various fields, and I became a carer and then with a lot of encouragement from family and friends I took a massage course, and I started my own massage business.
Today, my husband and I are proud parents of four wonderful children. Our marriage thrives on the synergy of our personalities: he, the adventurous spirit, who not only encourages but also pushes me to achieve my dreams, and I, the steady anchor, bringing planning and structure to our partnership.
So, here I am—a veterinary nurse turned caregiver turned massage therapist, all while nurturing a loving family with unwavering dedication and the support of my amazing husband. I approach my work with immense enthusiasm.
I can't wait to meet you soon!

Swedish Massage

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Lizmassage provides professional, affordable, and holistic solutions for clients in High Wycombe and surrounding areas. Book a massage session with me for relief from pain and discomfort.

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